I look back on my session with Kerry as an investment in my spiritual development. I truly had no clue what to expect when she invited me for a healing. However, I left feeling calm, extremely grounded and prepared with the introspection and knowledge to heal myself. The session was personalized to my comfort level and spiritual curiosities. We discussed my intentions, goals and self practices. I was interested in deepening my connection with my spirit guides and fine-tuning my chakras. She had a variety of interactive methods that resulted for me in a journey of self discovery. Ultimately Kerry served as a medium to connect me with the divine wisdom and to trust that flow within myself.
— Alex
Do that rainbow Unicorn thing you do again.
— Patti
Kerry is intuitively good at transforming space. She can sweep through a home and make it feel completely different, usually with changes that are subtle, artistic, and that enhance the flow of energy. My house felt so much more livable after her visit, and it was great to have someone to collaborate with in bringing “a sense of occasion” to even the most mundane corners of the house. Whether she’s tucking a crystal into your kitchen cabinets or positioning that chair “just so,” Kerry’s touch imparts a dramatic shift that makes your space feel GOOD.
— Whitney, on Home Clearing + Crystals
Kerry is a saving grace. Her intuitive and integrative skills have helped me several times, and I always feel calmer and more centered after consulting her. I love her confidence, even keel, and sense of curiosity. Even in the face of seemingly intractable situations or ailments, I’m always able to find tangible effects and a healing perspective with Kerry’s help.
— Whitney, on Personal Integration
For our session, I loved your use of the flowers. I had never experienced that before and it’s interesting how you tuned directly into a flower that is prominent in my life. Also your highly visual abilities connected with mine and I could see everything you were describing. I was feeling a certain way that morning and what came up in our session directly related to it. You opened the channels and were so intuitive in listening to the guides and in a gentle way healing what needed to be healed of which I never knew was there. You really took the time to explain what you saw/experienced so that I could grasp what happened in our session. Thank you!
— Dawn