You may feel you've lost your clarity in some way. You want to return to balance, peace, confidence. If there were only one easy answer--to one simple problem--you would have solved it by now. When you need help, that’s where I come in. With my empathic, clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient abilities, I tap into the felt sense of blockage or confusion, meeting you at that energetic level. We then shift that pattern from within, regaining natural flow. 

 (in other words) -  Like a sailor, we know the wind is blowing. We must adjust the sail to catch the wind.

Different from Reiki, this Intuitive Integration uses primal imagery and metaphor, crystals, sound and color frequencies plus intuitive guide work to shift energies. Your body-mind and your environment are great places to make change to your whole life--course correct--so you can feel your way back to Integrated Alignment.


  • 1 Hour Integration Session - $135
  • 75 Minute Session - $150
  • Space Clearing (Your location) - Variable starting at $175

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DEEPER THEORY: Every person has patterns of energy, and many frequencies of vibration. Call them electromagnetic, spiritual, chakral, astral or other, there are many “energy bodies." Each human is also connected to a grid of Earth energy, Solar and Lunar energy, Universal energy, and so on. Layers upon layers of coordinating patterns. We are, in essence, an "event of intersection" in time/space of many grids. This intersection is an accessible place of healing. Clearly it is ideal to draw from these grids as a source of support and power, rather than feeling out of alignment to it all. Shifting you toward your support is my goal. Better function and freedom is a molecule away.

“Willingness to pay special attention to what truly is, is the first step to a true healing response.”

The good news is that we have guides to help us. Our ancestors, angels, graduated spirits, wee folk from any tradition--Together--our guides endeavor to clarify the messages you send outward (to other people, society), and send inward to your deepest levels of meaning (subconscious, soul). Unlike a single technique approach, I use whatever methods evoke the most clarity at the moment. I neither create nor destroy energy, but help your system transform it.

Rose Quartz and tanzanite

Rose Quartz and tanzanite


For when your home seems less "homey"--especially if your space is not making you happy!

I've used energy cleansing, home staging, crystal placement and intuitive decor advice to bring both the "Ahhhh..." feeling and "AHA!!" moments. Sometimes you need a shift to fall in love with your space again. I have experience in creating more relaxing, energetically clean and stable environments with clients in many kinds of places. I've routed out some ghostly residue, gotten to the bottom of some funky basements, and calmed some animals, too. Bonus: I teach you how I do it, so you can maintain the freshness of your space, or make new changes in the future. I love doing it, and I hope you love the experience!

story:   In a traditional southern home, a client asked me why her living room felt so depressing. It was lovely, but it just didn't make her comfortable, and in fact, dragged her down. I discovered upon touring her home that it was not her heavy drapes nor her husband's depressing art work, but a box full of medical records in her basement that were pulling her energy into the pits! Having found it by sensing the energy, I asked her to clear the box, and she did. We also touched up the furniture placement until if felt all better. Soon afterward, her "stuck" life and "reticent" hubby moved to a wonderful new destination where they both felt much more healthy and joyful!

Kerry is intuitively good at transforming space. She can sweep through a home and make it feel completely different, usually with changes that are subtle, artistic, and that enhance the flow of energy. My house felt so much more livable after her visit, and it was great to have someone to collaborate with in bringing “a sense of occasion” to even the most mundane corners of the house. Whether she’s tucking a crystal into your kitchen cabinets or positioning that chair “just so,” Kerry’s touch imparts a dramatic shift that makes your space feel GOOD.
— -Whitney