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Workshops in holistic integration, energy shift, stretching and public demonstration-lectures about Rolfing SI are scheduled periodically. Current Offerings include the programs below. 

I have been educating the public about what Structural Integration is and isn’t, which is a very important distinction. The system is about the posture, but it’s not about imposing an ideal that relates to “standing up straight.”  It is a push in the right direction for a body to find its OWN ideal. Head to toe shift at the level the person needs, and not an intervention that forces change for an objective. 

WORKSHOPS and SPEAKING – Rolfing SI, Body Movement, Spiritual Shift - Book by phone 310-359-5064 or contact page!

Scrap the Shoulds - A Clearing Workshop/ Ritual

For Whom: We who want to free ourselves, care for others, heal and create with our full power! 

What: We will do a Metaphoric story shift together. Through identifying our outdated or imaginary debts to others and ourselves, —by witnessing each other—we transform it into released, recycled energy. Leave feeling lighter and clearer about our own path forward!

Why:  “The Attic I keep my shoulds in, it is crowded and dusty. Like clutter-clearing, the energy of ‘promised I would’ and ‘someday I will’ impairs our spiritual agility.

p.s.:To-Do Lists are also a kind of debt to yourself….Clear it out and start fresh with this two hour fun transformation!

What’s Up with Gravity? - Stretching for Success through the Years

Signs of aging, at least in posture, have been presented as “inevitable” by our doctors and parents. Gravity just pulls us down eventually, doesn't it? Not if we know how it works. There is new information that has been shown to be anti-aging in practice. Aging has predictable effects on your posture, but we can slow down the process drastically and move more freely with a new kind of stretching that re-sets the memory of shortness and tightness in key areas. Postures can and do change for the better by releasing stored fascia length.

Participants can learn to avoid the dowager’s hump or the Senior Slouch with insights and easy takeaways. Most people don't have a lot of time or interest in hours of stretching. This presentation focuses on targeting the most efficient ways to do just what is needed to "stand up straight" without all the effort.

Hint: There are three ways to ensure you're not just doing the same old warm-up stretch, but making sure changes to the posture long-term. The nervous system has more to do with it than you think.

This hour long fun lecture may not take years off your age, but could take the age off your years! 

From Frozen to Free

Speak Your Body’s Language so you can “Let It Go!”

The body+mind only understands gestures and metaphor for moving or holding stress. Yet we continue to give it commands, like “relax.”

Somehow, we can’t…

Kerry McKenna, Certified Rolfer™ leads you through an easy, effective workshop with Fun methods to help unstick those stuck places using Metaphor and “primal” imagery. Patterns of age and inflexibility melt away! Take away a more fluid body, easily used imagery and practice reminders.

Change the Story you tell your Body.


Stretching for the Working Stiff

How to make a little go a long way to change your flexibility

Have you ever said to yourself (or your trainer) “I wish I were more flexible”?

Everyone knows they should stretch - to prevent injury, improve performance, and feel better. But why isn’t it fun, and why isn’t it working? How can you make it an efficient part of your workout? Let go of the frustration and begin to love the benefits of stretching instead!

FUTURE WORKSHOP – Energy Integration (A Mighty Inkling)

Duality and Anti-Duality – How the System of opposites can change--and is changing.

Are you frustrated by your options of being either good or bad, winning or losing, in pain or pain-free? We’ve lost a lot of texture in life by believing a two-way system of thought. What are our options?

Gain the richness of your experience back. There’s more to life than polar opposites.

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What’s Up with Gravity? at Golden Sol Yoga and Wellness, Sept 12


Rolfing® Structural Integration- Why Rolfing Matters

Kerry McKenna brings new insights, logic and possibilities to your group through the unique thinking of Rolfing SI. Are your employees comfortable and happy, or sore and grumpy? Maybe their physical comfort can improve their contentment.

A one-hour event with presentation about the benefits and structure of the mode as well as ergonomic issues in work environments. Additional Questions and answers, additional private break-out sessions for participants available if you wish participants to have personal deeper understanding.

Contact Kerry for availability, cost options and venue requirements.