Myofascia/Myofascial system: The structural part of the body, anatomy including Ligament, Tendon, Muscle and the web of tissues covering every other structure in the body, from denser, stronger bands to light fabric-like fibers. The myofascia is responsible for separating similar parts and binding different parts together as a whole; it is a system of organizing parts. The wider myofsacial system has been shown to have contracting properties like muscle, and is wired into the nervous system to cause us to move in coordination.

Q:  Why don’t we know about this tissue from basic biology class?

A:  Because the surgeons responsible for creating our anatomy books used to cut away most of this “white tissue” to get at the other stuff. Major tendons and muscle are the exception, but even they are grossly simplified to divide them, while in reality, they make up a continuous whole, with interrelated jobs.

Integration: Bringing together, including disparate parts into a whole. Blurring divisions to form a complete picture.