Rolfing® Structural Integration is a hands on system that releases undue tensions in the entire body, bringing it to balance in gravity. A series of 10-12 sessions is “the Recipe” for making sure the changes take place in the WHOLE body. To make the changes stick, every part of the body needs to agree to shift, or it will slowly go back to what it was…of course, you can do any number of sessions you choose to try. But I’ll break down the logic of a series here.

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First three: A time to stretch “the scuba suit” inside your skin, top to bottom, front to back, side to side. Release constrictions to breath, foot movement and alignment throughout the body, relieving pain that can be shifted at this level.

Core Sessions: A time to concentrate on deep skeletal alignment. We safely affect layers near bones, organ spaces from feet through pelvis, deep shoulders and back, neck and head! Major shifts of entrenched habit patterns occur with release of blockages. This can significantly relax the body’s effort levels.

Final Three (integration): Now that we’ve pulled it all apart, we need to “connect the dots” in coordination and really cement the changes for long lasting result! We do this with movement, touch, awareness and rebalancing what has released. Uniform brilliance is the goal.

This is such a simplified model to a complex process! The truth is, we are doing all of these strategies in each and every session!  Of course, I encourage you to try one session, two, or three to get the hang of it and decide if you would like the entire series.

From the client, I ask for awareness and participation at every stage. Questions and goals arise and are explored as we go. A series is meant to increase the client’s inner understanding, hand over the keys to a new luxury vehicle, so you don’t need me so much anymore (=sniff=).


Q: Can just one session relieve my pain?
A: Maybe / I will try / I hope so / Yes, and no. One session can do a great deal, and some level of relief is almost always reported.

Q: Can you just do my neck?
A: Yes, but I wouldn’t necessarily call that Rolfing unless we’ve addressed the “supporting players” around it. So by working on shoulders and pelvis and feet, I AM working on the neck. It’s all connected. Likewise, any bit that is currently injured or in pain needs more support before the pain can safely shift.