While Rolfing SI is a strategy to work the whole body, single sessions can be effective as a taste-test of what is possible. In targeting specific areas of concern, a single session can begin to acknowledge a deeper pattern, begin freeing problem areas and serve to physically prepare the way to future sessions.

I am a firm believer that for “first-timers”, a series is the very best opportunity to get long-lasting results and a brand new body. If you have only one session and try to “fix everything”, you will likely be disappointed, and will not have been Rolfed, in my opinion. You will have had “some work.” Yet, I do my best to attend to your goals, so you can decide for yourself whether to continue.

When people want the whole Series, I usually make them try at least one single, before they plunk their money down on a series, only to change their mind. {few people change their mind once they’ve tried it…}

What a session looks like:

1. We talk and I ask you to move a little, so we can see what is afoot. And what is a leg, ha ha. We can see all sorts of things through simple movement and a general look-see. We discuss what you feel, and what you’d rather feel.

2.  We go right into the bodywork, which can be managed lying down, sitting, standing or in motion. Almost all of this is “hands on”, and interactive.

3.  There are always a few closure techniques, which can calm the nervous system and prepare the body to keep the changes. We do grounding and an easy integrative process.

[a health form and waiver are filled out before a first session; payment and scheduling take place after. Invoices can be provided by email after a session, and I do accept cash, check, credit and Paypal. ]

Single Sessions are appropriate for most clients who have already received a full Ten Series. Come back for maintenance work, or a new 10-Series if you request it. You’ll probably know what you’ll need after your first series, as it arises.

Give me a call to schedule, or to ask any questions you may have.