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Kerry E McKenna, Certified Rolfer

My intention is to create impassioned and balanced change for people who really seek it.  My training in gymnastics as a youth, dance as a teen, and stunts as an adult actress has prepared me to work skillfully with bodies in motion. For ten years, I've been helping keep people on their game, recovering from injury and running smoothly overall.

I am a graduate Certified Rolfer™ from the Rolf Institute® of Structural Integration in Boulder, Colorado. My training has been strongly geared to the more direct manipulative approaches, meaning: real tissue releasing from hands-on touch. But I’ve gotten even more intuitive, and one without the other is not as valuable. Integration is where I’m going...Where did I come from?

After years of pursuing music and acting in Chicago, I became a Rolfer ™ at the suggestion of another Structural Integrator, Dan Cohen, who offered me my first Ten Series. In 13 sessions he seemed to erase my migraine headaches (20 years free and counting). The work also relieved the constant backache I had felt for years. He “talent spotted” me as someone who truly understood the work at a “quantum level”, and directed me to the Rolf Institute to be trained. It took 10 years to convince me, but now it’s been that long in business, and he was right. I know this stuff.

Ever since then, I have been a full time Rolfer with practices in Atlanta, Chattanooga, Los Angeles and now Providence, Rhode Island. Through the Rolf Institute, I have contributed articles and editing to the the Journal of Structural Integration, their trade publication. My outside articles have been published in Massage Magazine and Conscious Living, and blogs. Favorite topics include the differing theories of allopathic medical models versus holistic approaches to health

Certified Rolfers and Structural Integrators are required to maintain continuing education through approved workshops and classes, and I have kept up with courses in manipulation, movement, biomechanics and cranial-sacral techniques, as well as Reiki level 1 attunement, shamanic and other skills.

As I add crystal vibration and sound therapy areas of study, alongside shamanic visualization, I integrate groundedness to the esoteric arts. After all, we are all of this earth for now, so better bring the three-dimensional to bear, even with energy.