Kerry E McKenna is a Certified Rolfer™ and a member of the Rolf Institute® for Structural Integration (the only trademark holders allowing their members to use the terms Rolfer™ and Rolfing® Structural Integration). Structural Integration is the “generic term” for the system that Ida P. Rolf, PhD developed through years of study, clinical trial and synthesis of academic scientific knowledge.

A quick trip to the Rolf Institute’s website can give you a more thorough base of knowledge on the origins, history and mission of the Institute, Ida P. Rolf, PhD and the departments of research and teaching clinics in Boulder, Colorado, and nationwide (USA).

If you would like to find Rolfers near you, there is a directory of many a Certified Rolfer listed on the Rolf Institute site. 

Rolfing SI is recognized in many worldwide locations, and ever expanding into more! Just a few locations for training and continuing education are listed through the Rolf Institute’s “branch offices”. The European Association is one. Brazil has a prominent program. They and more are listed here.

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