You’ve given me back my body. It doesn’t belong to the Pain Anymore! I have my…my body again!
— Cupid Hayes, Actress, Alumni Special Leader, after 6th session
I went to my mobility class tonight and my instructor...commented on how open my chest and shoulders seem. And I actually caught my profile today in a window and I was standing perfectly straight without really trying. Pretty cool. Thanks for that!
— Roxan, 5th Session
You did a lovely job on me yesterday. I am very happy with the increased space that I have and the decreased tension. And the length—that’s nice!... You made changes in my body but they don’t seem drastic, like you yanked something around, but they seem…ever present.
I’m kind of amazed that you did that with...(I don’t want to say little effort, but) so very specific an effort. And not very painful, really. Thank you...
— Dave Bass, Musician, Producer
As you know I played golf professionally for several years. Dang, I wish I had known you then. Even now, as a recreational golfer, you have helped my game.
— Diane Whitman, former WPGA Golfer, Business Coach
Kerry does life changing work. Kerry proved to be a key player in helping me recover from two years of chronic pain. Her work set me up for success as I completed physical therapy 3 years ago, and I’m still reaping the benefits.
— Renae Anderson, Horsewoman