What’s In Kerry’s Healing Kit?

10 years experience in listening and responding to clients’ holistic needs (as a Certified Rolfer™) A lifetime in my own body, mind, experience, paying Very Close Attention. ~Yikes! –I have had so much work! Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, Mental, Nature, systemic deconstruction and recovery! 

  • Crystals, sage, feathers, sound, light, color, Druid animal tarot, pendulum and Common Sense.
  • Words, concept, metaphor, communicating in accessible terms
  • An ability to see, Hear, Know –a.k.a. Clairvoiance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience.
  • An empathic ability to imagine, dream, shift energies, bodies, and patterns
  • Manifesting intentions, and use of the methods of manifesting.
  • A connection with benevolent (good) spirits, currently alive or passed/crossed over—a.k.a My Guides and Yours.
  • I’ve seen and communicated with "ghosts" and helped them vacate spaces. I am developing my talents for medium-ship.
  • Healthy doses of Humor, Understanding and Grounded-ness, and humor. Did I mention humor?

Quote: “I Don’t know how I know: I just do. –and so do you.”