YOU Bring...
When you come in for a Shift, you bring your own power to heal yourself. Your system knows why you come, and tells me what is needed. YOUR guides help me find the appropriate energies and tools for the best, highest good of all. 

I bring...  EmpathicPsychic and Shamanic techniques, including:

  • A natural ability to use Crystals for healing, from innate knowledge of many past lives as a Healer and Master Teacher, from many locations of the earth (and cosmos). Celtic and Druid traditions speak most clearly through me, and is my heritage. Stones are my "peeps".
  • Primal Shift is a method I've developed from many shamanic principles, to visualize, hear and sense stories in our patterns. To discover and follow the story of energy creates movement in it. The story can heal us. This harkens back to the Druid bards and the power of imagination, music and dreams to shift things we cannot directly access through our brain cognition.
  • I connect to "ghosts" or spirit energy and psychic residue from the past. If I am meant to shift it, with permission, I do.
  • Level 2 Reiki Attunement (Usui lineage), which is like channeling pure energy from the All for your system to use.
  • If I could wave a magic wand--and that would work--I would do that!

All of this work is supervised by my own Master Guide, my team of Guides, Angels, Fairies, Ancestors and Graduated Masters. Sometimes I am just here to give you a safe container so you can make the appropriate transformations you a ready for. What I do is less important than what we intend, and what happens when we do it together. 

You may also go home with:

  • A suggestion of Crystals and Stones you can acquire to manifest specific desires… 
  • Chakra rebalancing or "Aura" Clearing Techniques as needed
  • Self-discovery regarding what influences you most, best practices for your system
  • A past life may make itself known  
  • A Spring in your Step! 

Sessions take place in 75 Minute, 1 hour, or 1/2 hour blocks. Book here.  Check out the testimonials on these services. 




    Sessions take place in 75 Minute, 1 hour, or 1/2 hour blocks. Book here.  Check out the testimonials on these services. 


    Houses, apartments, cars and even streets(!) can have negative energy or residue that needs clearing. Some of these energies can come from the occupants, from former occupants, from environmental energies, from mold or rot, from “bad feng shui” and from entities or ghosts…

    Wherever it came from, we can clear such energies, and I can teach you how to do it regularly, for keeping your fresh space clear. Like any energy, it is neither created nor destroyed, only transformed.  So we move and transform the energy so it is no longer “negative” but “neutral.”

    People report feeling lighter, more optimistic, and less argumentative in spaces that have been cleared. Pets and people can also feel calmer in general, and it can be easier to think.

    Sessions for space clearing can be arranged for a full house or apartment as needed for a flat fee, depending on the size and travel time. Local to Los Angeles or by special arrangement.

    See testimonials for more results.

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