From time to time, we get a little out of whack. New experiences, and years of life create a need for a few sessions every now and then. Hopefully, a new injury has not occurred, but it can happen as we know.

Maintenance or “tune up" describes sessions after a person has finished a “Ten-Series”. Tune ups can also be effective for folk who’ve gone through extensive bodyworks of other types. With 15 years of experience, I will do my best to advance what goals you come with.

Here are a couple of options for maintenance work:

We can work single sessions as needed, scheduled as we go, or

A Post-Ten Series: if you have new and deeper goals in mind, we can do a mini-series of 3 or 5 sessions to reach that goal.

Give me a call to schedule. I may ask you about your current situation and past Rolfing/bodywork session experience. Everything is confidential.