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A physical gesture for expression is worth a thousand words. And the other way around--words can evoke rich experience too. As a healer, I have found the magic of transformation is strong in word-imagery. Thinking of a foot as a paw or the Eiffel Tower, I am conscious that evoking a new body shift is inseparable from a mind-shift, a soul-shift. But just influencing the body inward is only a part of it. Living a full life requires that we acknowledge all our expressive possibilities.

You and I have so many wonderful things to offer! One of the things I integrate myself is writing stories. So I am sharing this facet of my expression with you. I have been writing poetry since the age of 6, and it's about time I let that flourish.

My intent in creative writing is to bring the reader an energy transformation--as good stories do--leaving in the complexity and integration of real experience. It's the beauty of the moment (not a teaching point) that focuses the shift. The very experience speaks for itself.

I'm quite proud of my latest burst of creativity, and to start here with integrating that world with this, I will post my Patreon profile.

Please take a peek, where there are many public posts as I build my broad base of patronage for my written words. Creativity is a vital part of who I am, and I need support like anyone else to continue to offer insightful ideas to you.

If you just want to enjoy evocative writing, well, I'm very happy already. Interaction and comments are welcome from all readers!

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you are using all your expressions for vitality.

Integratefully,  Kerry