What If the Cause Didn't Matter?


Last week, I had the great fortune to receive a cheap flight to Copenhagen at the last minute! It was gorgeous and the perfect relaxer.  I walked the trails and beaches, played with my friends's family dog, toured a famous castle, and slept. A lot.

Returning on a 10 hour flight, I was injury free. After a night of sleep, the next morning—I stepped onto the floor, and discovered a calf muscle pull. I thought it was a cramp so I hydrated, ate a banana, kept it moving, to no relief. Four days later, I am still dealing with this calf restriction and the compensation while walking. As a Rolfer™, I feel what is happening now, but I don’t know what I “did to it”.

This gives me the opportunity to remember that cause isn’t always the point. And we don’t always know the cause. We have to deal with what is, not what was, in healing an orthopedic style injury.

We can never undo the thing that was done. That’s not how the body works. What we can do is move forward to integrate and return to smooth function. We continue forward in a spiral of healing and body events, body events, healing. As a brilliant chiropractor once told me, "Clients ask why they have to keep coming back, and I say because they are still living life."

Hopefully, our remedies to unpleasant or unhealthy body events (injuries) are along a healing path, and not toward exacerbating events, like unneeded surgeries. Or like over-using (figurative or literal) crutches , enabling a weakness or strengthening a compensation that was meant to be temporary.


We can’t undo the event once it has taken place. So knowing the cause isn’t the most primary concern. We can never perform an “equal and opposite reaction” in order to heal an event. Because the body does not have equals and opposites. Not even with all the talk about flexors and extensors. Biceps are not the opposite of triceps. Up is not the opposite of down. We are not symmetrical; we are not machines.

So the cause of my calf pull does not matter because I can’t undo it. I could learn about the players in the play (the knee or thigh sensations, the foot glitches, etc.) but paying attention to what is now is more important to appropriately addressing healing; the sensations will lead me to the main players. To healing this event, I dealt with those. In my case, strengthening movement in my loose SI joints was key in the relief of strain on my calf muscles.

So next time a mysterious ailment or ache pops up, even if there is a direct and obvious "cause", go beyond that thought, into the feeling of the event, and ask your body what it is also feeling. With practice you can come up with many more relevant solutions, if you can be "In the Now of the injury."

Speaking of Paying attention to what your pain is saying, let me suggest a book I believe in:  Convergence Healing is a sparkling fresh way of coming closer in touch with your body's messages to you. Peter Bedard, Hypnotherapist and healthy tea purveyor lives a wonderful example of how you can come back from even the worst injuries, to completely recover and thrive! Learn his techniques from Convergence Healing. He's amazing. Get to know him just because! 

Denmark is a treat; I was needing the grass.

Denmark is a treat; I was needing the grass.