Happily barefoot, I grew up on a farm in Michigan, and learned about hard work and physical vitality! My heart led me to dance, gymnastics, lying under trees looking up, poetry and communicating with ghosts and ancestors. Somehow, I always knew which way was North.

As quests often go, I then began the obstacle course of forgetting my innate perfection, a blindness also known as socialization. I was “too much” as a warrior/poet/genius, and so I learned to pick and choose what was acceptable, and did very well in school proving that I could fit in by trying to be perfect. Which of course, failed utterly, because that's impossible--we are born perfect. I see the inherent paradox in this.

I activated years of dance training, of music (Band Camp and European tour, french horn!) of theater experience, (DePaul University Music, Columbia College Chicago and Second City training in theater and improvisation) and earned my BA in Liberal Arts. I love to travel through North America and Europe, especially Scotland, the Netherlands and Denmark. I have taught myself basic French, German and Dutch. VERY basic!

My biggest influences have always been dynamic relationships with people, and of practicing what I now deem ordinary miracles. For instance, to be a good influence on myself and others. To keep good boundaries. These are amazing tools. As a Rolfer, I have integrated the principles of embodiment with a physical technique to "enable people to live in their bodies easier." And then I knew I had to expand that, and integrate more energy healing, because I noticed it was happening anyway...

Embracing a higher wisdom sometimes requires a vast destruction of all things that came before, and I experienced a rapid few years where everything went wrong. The loss, injury, pain seemed it would never end. Trial by fire, midlife crisis, total system reboot. And I came out grateful for it, and I'll share the story in a memoir I'm now shopping to agents for representation. Creativity can utterly heal, if we embrace it.

To help others and to help oneself are interchangeable, and I am very lucky that I am surrounded by amazing healers, whether they are conscious of their abilities or not. Each time I seek a master, I find one, who recognizes the master in me, and points me in a direction of self-discovery. Some important influences outside my family are my dance instructor at Columbia, Nana Shineflug, my first Rolfer Dan Cohen, and many others after, including Libby Eason, Valerie Berg and Jan Sultan, Improv Teacher Marty DeMaat, Healer Liz Menzel, Channel Grace Cavanaugh, Shaman April Rucker and my great friend Whitney Hills who does everything she can get her hands on.

My path forward is to take my place as a wise woman and be of service. I have always known the old ways, and it is time to live as I have known I am intended: To be a superconductor to people's reawakening. We're in this together.